Our Stocked 5+ Acre Pond


NO FIRES  are permitted around the Lake due to the excess of trash including beer and pop cans, bottles, bait containers, fishing line and etc. that are found around the lake. Fires are permitted in designated camping areas back by the riffle range ONLY. All trash including fishing line should be disposed of in the proper container.

Gas and Oil lanterns are OK for night fishing.

Fish Sizes and Bag Limits

Walleye - All walleye must be put back

Bluegill - All bluegill over 6" must be released.

Crappie - 10inch and above. Bag limit - 10 per week per member and family

Catfish - 14" and up harvest size - Bag limit 3 per week per member and family


Largemouth Bass - catch and release only. We re-evaluate this each year. We need to give the bass a chance to reproduce as their numbers have gone down over the last few years..

***When releasing your fish please take a moment and remember Mel Hardin and his habit of kissing the fish he was about to release as good luck***

The Lake Committee plans to improve the fishing habitat for your enjoyment. GOOD FISHIN from our Lake Committee.

Dan Shaw - 740-501-8119     Norm Lower - 740-397-2684        Joel Sexton - 740-358-9557